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The Redskins Hate Their “Dim Wit” Fans

Posted by SuckaFish

Rookie linebacker Robert Henson, who is sadly from TCU, is the most famous inactive player in the world. Despite not playing in Sunday’s thrilling 9-7 win over the Rams he managed to steal the headlines thanks to his overactive thumbs.

Read the full post at Surrounded by ‘Skins.


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Take Two

Posted by SuckaFish

Everybody and their mother has a mediocre blog by now. We’re better than that. We’ve created a network of six mediocre blogs. SWAGLESS will be the hub and will run its own content and posts from the other five. So what the hell are they? Who knows what will happen but for now SWAGLESS is where we’ll make obnoxious comments about the worlds of sports and entertainment. Here’s a quick rundown of the others:

Surrounded by ‘Skins: I’m a Cowboys fan living outside Washington, DC. I’ll post about the ‘Boys, mock the ‘Skins and their fans, and anything else happening in the league.

Route 1 to Lot 1: It’s all about the Maryland Terrapins. Everything from how much weight the Fridge has lost since last season to how much weight the Fridge will gain this season.

Natinals Natin: Counting down the years till Strasburg saves us all.

Stop Throwing Hats: Following the Washington Capitals, the two-time MVP, and the whiny bastards on every other team in the league.

The TCU Horned Blog: Perhaps the only blog based on the east coast covering TCU sports.

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