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A Hearty STFU to You, Ed Reed

Posted by Irregaahhdless

What’s the best thing to do after your supposedly tough defense gets pushed around (to the tune of a 35/25 advantage in time of possession for your opponent) in a six-point loss? Blame the refs, of course!

So, what was Ed Reed complaining about? Let’s see…

1. Two roughing-the-passer calls on Baltimore defenders for hitting Tom Brady

The first — a glancing blow to Brady’s head — was pretty ticky-tack. Of course, Reed fails to mention that the Ravens were the beneficiaries of the same type of call later in the first half. However, Baltimore couldn’t take advantage of the gift and Joe Flacco threw a pick. So, you know, if the 15-yard penalty leads to points, you should gripe about it. If nothing comes of it, just don’t bring it up.

As for the second penalty on the Ravens, Terrell Suggs hit Brady at knee level. Sorry, but you’re going to get flagged for that every time, Ed. You may not like the rule, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a penalty.

2. Bad spots by the officials

Reed cited two plays specifically: the Patriots’ fake field goal in the fourth quarter when it appeared that Chris Baker was short of the first down marker but received credit for getting the ball past the chains as well as Willis McGahee’s fourth-and-1 run in the fourth quarter.

Now, was the spot bad on the Baker play? Yes. Of course, the Pats were flagged for illegal motion on the play. The Ravens accepted the penalty and the Pats kicked a field goal. So the bad spot, while it did happen, didn’t impact a damn thing.

As for the McGahee play, Reed himself noted: “When Willis had his fourth-down try, it probably wouldn’t have been a first [down], but it probably should have been a little closer.” Oh, OK then. It’s even more clear how this would have impacted the game. The Patriots still would have taken over on downs, but would have been pinned 18 inches farther back! That totally would have made the difference!

Seriously, Ed. It’s time to stop talking. You’re only embarrassing yourself.

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The Official 2009 SWAGLESS NFL Predictions

Here’s how the SWAGLESS NFL writers see the season shaking out.

SuckaFish Irregaahhdless KilgoreTroutIII Slothtastic LJizzle
NFC East Champ Philadelphia NY Giants NY Giants NY Giants NY Giants
NFC North Champ Minnesota Green Bay Chicago Minnesota Minnesota
NFC South Champ N.O. New Orleans Atlanta N.O. Atlanta
NFC West Champ Seattle Arizona Arizona Arizona Arizona
NFC Wildcard Teams Green Bay, Dallas Minnesota, Chicago Dallas, Minnesota Dallas, Washington N.O., Philadelphia
AFC East Champ New England New England New England New England New England
AFC North Champ Baltimore Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
AFC South Champ Indianapolis Tennessee Indianapolis Indianapolis Tennessee
AFC West Champ San Diego San Diego San Diego San Diego San Diego
AFC Wildcard Teams Pittsburgh, Tennessee Houston, Baltimore Baltimore, Houston Tennessee, Houston Indianapolis, Baltimore
NFC Championship Game N.O. over Dallas New Orleans over G.B. NY Giants over Chicago NY Giants over Minnesota NY Giants over Minnesota
AFC Championship Game N.E. over S.D. N.E. over Pittsburgh New England over Pittsburgh Pittsburgh over N.E. New England over S. D.
Super Bowl Winner N.E. over N.O. New England over N.O. New England over NY Giants Pittsburgh over NY Giants N.E. over NY Giants

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Cowboys Beat the Patriots (at Something)

Posted by SuckaFish

The ‘Boys claimed DB DeAngelo Willingham off waivers from the Buccaneers. Normally getting a Tampa castoff wouldn’t inspire much joy in Big D, but this might help …

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