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The Coolest Streak in Sports Is on the Line

Posted by SuckaFish

There is one, and only one, reason to watch the Nats this weekend. They’ve already locked up the number one spot in the Bryce Harper Sweepstakes. So why in the world would I tell anyone to watch their meaningless games? Because they aren’t meaningless you pretentious jerk. This weekend the coolest streak in sports is on the line.

Find out what it is at Natinals Natin.


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Top 5 Reasons for Nats Fans to be Optimistic

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

If there is a God, He – or She – must have created baseball to teach the vast majority of Americans to learn how to cope with year-in-year-out disappointment and still live with hope. Red Sox fans kept hope alive and eventually cast off their curse. The Cubs always have next year. And Washington has … 1924. But hope springs eternal, so we give you the Top 5 Reasons for Nats Fans to be Optimistic.

5. It can’t get worse than 2009.

See the full post at Natinals Natin.

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