Open Wide for Some Soccer!

Posted by Irregaahhdless

Folks who only go to church on Christmas and Easter (hey, like me!) are labeled “C&E Catholics.” I’m sure there’s a similar term for soccer fans who only follow World Cup-related stuff. Whatever it is, feel free to stick me with that label, too.

I don’t watch the Premier League or La Liga (though I really think I need to start). The only time I was in the proximity of a stadium when an MLS game was going on was after the conclusion of a U.S.-Honduras CONCACAF qualifier. (The DC United played immediately afterward as part of a doubleheader.) I left. But, Christ on a bike, I love me some World Cup — so much so that I went to Germany in 2006. (OK, the prospect of consuming mass amounts of beer and hooking up with some cute gal from the Netherlands played a part, too. Also, for the record, only one of those things happened.)

Anyway, the 2010 World Cup draw has completely sucked me in today. It’s fascinating. The sport’s governing body broke the 32 qualifying teams into four pools. They’ll draw one team out of each pool to make up the eight groups for round-robin play. (The top two teams from each group advance to the Round of 16.)

The top 7 teams (using October’s FIFA rankings) and South Africa (the host country) were placed in one pool — helping to keep some of the top teams from picking each other off in the first round while also giving the host nation a (slightly) easier path to the second round (for the record, this doesn’t bother me at all). Otherwise, though, it’s open season. Could we possibly see a group of Spain (No. 1 in the world), Cameroon (No. 11), Greece (No. 12) and the United States (No. 14)? Yes, yes we could. And that would be F-ing awesome (except, you know, for the U.S.).

(By the way, I wrote out the above scenario while waiting for the draw to happen. I’m sure that we won’t get that group. But I’m also sure I’m way too lazy to go up and change my potential Group of Death. Just know that there’s going to be one and some really good team is gonna be done by the end of the tournament’s first week. Tremendous.)

Additionally, I love how we’re 188 days away from the start of the World Cup and teams already know their first THREE opponents. What other major championship lets you stew on something like “Holy shit, we have to play England in our second game” for six solid months?

Please note that about 38 seconds after typing the above paragraph, I received the following IM:

Sheinkin [1:09 P.M.]: US gets england. hmm. tough.

Is it too late to get tickets to Johannesburg?

(Also, in case you didn’t know where the headline came from.)


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Sorry, Charlie. (Actually, Wait. I’m Not Sorry at All.)

Posted by Irregaahhdless

So, Notre Dame fired Charlie Weis today. Whatever. What’s bothering me is the coverage of it. ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt (and he’s not the only one to say something like this over the past few days) just noted that Weis’ firing came at the end of “a 6-6 season when many were forecasting a BCS run.”

Really? Many folks were forecasting that? Can you name more than one for me, please? Because the only fucktard I remember doing so back in August was Lou Holtz. Everyone else was saying things like, “Lou Holtz is a fucktard for thinking that Notre Dame is going to a BCS bowl.”

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In a Tourney of “Pointless Online Writers,” Joe Lunardi is a No. 1 Seed

Posted by Irregaahhdless

I don’t have time to say that much here. I’m really just posting to get on the record that:

a. I hate Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology. (And, really, Lunardi, too.)
b. Doing Bracketology is retarded.

Last week, Lunardi released his 2010 tournament bracket. It was the first week of November. Nobody had played a game. Yet he thinks he can not only forecast the participants in the NCAA Tournament, but also get them all slotted and seeded correctly. Bear in mind that, in his day-before-the-tournament bracket done the past four years, Lunardi has gotten a team seeded and slotted right the following number of times:

2009: 11 (best ever!)
2008: 7
2007: 4
2006: 7

So we have them all in one place, his picks are being screenshot (click for full size) and saved right here:

Anyway, considering Lunardi averages about 7.5 correct picks per year (and when I say “correct,” I mean he gets the team, region and seed right), when he does this 24 hours before the tournament, how many is he going to get right here? I’m going with no more than three. And, really, if you’re doing something where you’re only getting 3 out of 65 right, what the F is the point? I mean, they really pay him for this?

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HFF Tomlinson’s ‘Surreal’ Day for Career, Family

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

Sunday was a very special day for TCU Horned Frog Forever LaDainian Tomlinson and his wife LaTorsha. And for … LaBaby? The San Diego Chargers running back moved past Thurman Thomas and Franco Harris on the NFL all-time rushing list, running his total to 12,145 yards.

Better yet, he passed Marcus Allen to now rank behind only Jerry Rice and Emmett Smith on the all-time touchdown list. He’s at 146. And counting.

Best of all, however, was the message LT received before the game. Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News tells the story.

See the full post and exciting news at The TCU Horned Blog.

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ESPN, Nation Impressed With TCU Football, Fans

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

Even before TCU’s number four ranked football team dominated Utah Saturday night, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit was impressed. Especially with  TCU’s fans.

After finishing the broadcast of GameDay before a rabid TCU fan base, Herbstreit said the energy from the fans was “as good as we’ve had.,” according to Richard Durrett at

Durrett provides a good view of how the fans reacted to having ESPN on campus for several days. And he has several nice video clips, including a profile of All American Jerry Hughes, who shows how he utilizes his former-running-back speed to dominate at defensive end.

See original post at The TCU Horned Blog.

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ESPN GameDay at TCU

Posted by KilgoreTroutIII

ESPN GameDay finally decided it was time to highlight the TCU Horned Frogs, the team playing the best all around football in the NCAA. Nationally the Frogs are ranked 4th in every poll including the BCS. Friend of The HornedBlog, Bob Goode, took some pix the day before the game as ESPN The Roadies were setting up their traveling city.

See the full post, with more pix, more about Bob Goode, and mentions of TCU’s first two national championships, at The TCU Horned Blog.


ESPN GameDay at TCU

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Yankees to spend $72 billion this offseason

Posted by TheBigTrain

Yankees to spend $72 billion this offseason
By Billy O’Douchebag
Staff Writer, New York Post

Last year the Yankees spent $423 million to sign big free agent names like C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixeira. But this offseason, their plans are even far more ambitious.

According to Yankees front office sources, the Yankees plan to sign every free agent on the market this year, thus leaving the other 29 teams in baseball scrambling to find enough warm bodies to field a team.  ….

Once the Yankees have signed every free agent on the market, the team will have some difficult personnel decisions to make. The team has already informed outfielders Johnny Damon and Nick Swisher that they will be sent down to AA Trenton.

See the full post at Natinals Natin.

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